• We follow World Triathlon guidelines
  • Identity card: All athletes must be aligned with the affiliation with their respective Triathlon Federation in their country of origin. At the collection of the race pack athletes will have to exhibit the license along with a photo ID
  • The judges could ratify penalties or ban for any violation athletes or their support team. Minor penalties will be ratified with a yellow card and an 5 minute stop. The third yellow card and serious violations of the rules will provide immediate disqualification (red card)
  • A penalty box in T2 will be set where athletes have to stop in case of any cycling violations
  • A penalty box will be set up in T3 where athletes have to stop in case of running violations.

Special rule on littering: Leaving litter (gel and bar wrappers, banana skins etc.) is an INSTANT DISQUALIFICATION OFFENCE.




  • Traffic is regularly open and athletes must respect the traffic law
  • The following violations entail a penalty:
    • Violation of the traffic law
    • Use of music devices and / or phone
    • Draft between athletes and vehicles
    • Using the support car as an aid while it is in motion
  • During the slope from Bernina, there is a railroad crossing in two sections of the famous Bernina “red” train (the timing of the train transits will be announced at a later stage); in case of transit of the train and if the mechanical barriers are lowered, athletes will be required to wait for the transit of the train; otherwise they will be immediately disqualified.




The following violations entail a penalty:

  • Use of musical devices or mobile phone.
  • Support teams are not allowed to follow athletes with a bicycle or any other vehicles
  • The support volunteers will be allowed to follow athletes during the whole run (walking or running)
  • Aid stations will be located at Km 12.5, 18.3, 23, 29.5 and 36.5.



Athletes during the registration (Wednesday or Thursday) COULD leave (It’s not mandatory) the bag with all the equpiments for the run course.
The bag will be delivered on Friday, during the race, in T2.