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The 3.8 km swim will lead you to dive into the waters of Lago del Gallo.


An alpine lake that in the early days of September records temperatures between 16 and 18 degrees.




195 km with approximately 5000m of elevation, crossing into the neighboring Switzerland.


ICON altimetria


Starting from Livigno 1815m above sea level, up to the Forcola pass (2315m), the course bring the athlets in Switzerland to climb the Bernina Pass (2323). Then directly down to St. Moritz, continuing until Zernez.
It’s the time of Fuorn pass(2149m), descending to Val Mustair, and coming back to Italy.
Once arrived at Prato allo Stelvio, another climb over 48 mountain switchbacks, until you get to the Stelvio Pass (second highest pass in Europe, 2757m).
Go down to Bormio and continue till Foscagno pass (2291m) arriving at Trepalle Livigno next to the T2.

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42.2 km with departure from Trepalle Livigno and arrival in Carousel 3000m in Livigno.


Altimetria Run


The first 8km run along an amazing downhill track that leads up to the cycle path of Livigno.
The last 10km have an important elevation gain of about 1100 meters leading up to Carosello (3000m).


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