Cost of Registration fee is 450 €

The registration fee includes:

  • Race kits
  • Icon Gadget
  • Coupon to download photos (free of charge)
  • 2 bags which can be used (it’s not mandatory) for depositing cycling and running equipment courses. They will have to be handled by your support volunteers
  • 1 white FINISHER T-shirt for athletes who will finish the race at Carosello 3000 (3000 metres above sea level)
  • 1 black FINISHER T-shirt for those who will finish the race at Livigno (1815 metres)
  • 1 T-shirt for the support volunteer (more t-shirts can be provided upon payment if the team is composed of more than one person)
  • 1 sticker  to be placed on the rucksack for T2
  • 2 stickers to be placed on the rucksack for the finish line (Athlete and support)
  • 1 sticker to be placed on the optional rucksack for storing clothes, shoes, etc. in aid station of PLAZA PLACHEDA after first 29,5 Km run leg
  • 1 sticker to be placed on the support car during the entire race
  • Bib number
  • Swimming Cap
  • Chip
  • GPS
  • Aid Stations: Passo dello Stelvio (on the bike course); 12.5, 18.3, 23, 29.5 e al 36.5 Km (on the Run course)
  • Funicular transport voucher for one athlete and one support volunteer
  • 2 meal vouchers (one for the athlete and one for the support volunteer) for a dinner after the race
  • 2 meal vouchers (one for the athlete and one for the support volunteer) for a launch after the awards ceremony




300 slots will be available, divided as follows:

  • 50 slot “early bird”
  • 100 slots   X-point system
  • 150 slots for the ballot




Take part in the X-Points application or lottery and get one of the available slots so you can be at the starting line of ICON Livigno Xtreme 2024.

There are up to 100 slots available for X-Points holders. If you have points and wish to use them, please select “Apply with X points”. To keep them for another race or to just enter the ballot, choose Enter ballot.

If you do not have enough points you will automatically be in the ballot. All successfult applicants will be sent a personalised link to complete their registration.




Athletes already be 20 years old or have to be 20 by end of  2024 could participate at the race. All athletes must be aligned with the affiliation with their respective Triathlon Federation. When collecting the race pack they will have to show the triathlon federation license and their ID card.


For the only athletes who don’t have the triathlon license, could get the daily license (at the cost of 30€) but, due to the CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) rules, Athletes must have and show medical certification for Triathlon made in Italy; medical certifications from others country  are not valid and in this case the organization will not be able to issue the daily license.




Cancellation Rules

Please note that starting slot is not transferable, and may not be sold or given to another person. Refund policy: ICON does not offer refunds, transfers or entry deferrals, sorry. We know that this words sounds a bit harsh but the reason why we have decided the above rules is to protect the longevity of our race.

Together with Protect Group, XTri World Tour offers all athlete to cover their registration fee.
Refund Protect can be bought in registration to event. Terms and conditions for Refund Protect can be read here.

If you have bought the refund protect and want to claim the registration fee back, you will do that here.