• The wetsuit and neoprene swim cap are mandatory; neoprene stockings and gloves (not webbed) are recommended
  • The chip must be worn during the entire race, the GPS must be worn during the bike and run legs: In case of loss the organization has to be informed
  • The race number (bib) can not be worn during the lap swim, not even under the wetsuit and has to be clearly visible in T1
  • The number has to be clearly visible at rear during the bike course and in the front during the run course
  • Bikes must be in good condition and work properly, especially the breaks
  • Bike must have a light in front and a light behind
  • Disk breaks are allowed
  • The helmet must be approved with the CE mark
  • Bike replacement is not permitted; athletes are allowed to switch the wheels in case of mechanical problems. In this case, the organization must be informed
  • During the first part of the run (up to T3), athletes (and potentially their support volunteer) must have a front light
  • Water and food (enough quantity, keeping in mind that the first aid station will be at the 12,5Km) are highly recommended.




  • From T3 and during the climb at Carosello 3000, athletes and their support volunteers will have to have a rucksack containing:
    – front light (you can use the one used in the first part of the race)
    – heating effect t-shirt
    – waterproof jacket with hood (see specifications listed below)*
    – ankle-length windproof trousers
    – gloves and hat
    – mobile phone with number communicated to the organization (mobile phone of the support is ok)

*waterproof jacket with hood

We consider suitable those technical jackets with integral hood made of membranes having certified breathability and water impermeability technology, as shown on the label (some examples: Event, Gore-Tex®, PacLite®, Gore-Tex®Pro, Gore-Tex® Active, Lowe Alpine Triplepoint®, Marmot MemBrain®, Mountain Hardwear Conduit).

Given the unpredictability of the weather conditions in Alpine environments, Jacket with impermeability of 10,000 mm is mandatory (we recommend using jackets with impermeability of 20,000 mm).

The 2 backpacks, athlete and support, containing the mandatory equipment will be checked during the registration and MUST BE LEFT to the organization. The backpacks will be delivered on Friday, during the race, in T3.
It will not be allowed to any athlete or support member to reach Carosello 3000 without a backpack containing mandatory equipment.

  • The medical team has the discretion to stop athletes at any time if they believe that they are no longer able to carry on the race
  • Athletes may be subject to doping controls decided by the national bodies
  • During the bike and run courses, athletes can bring along a cell phone, to be used only in case of emergency while stopping at the side of the road