Cut-offs are imposed to extensively protect the athletes. The arrival at a high altitude may present extreme weather conditions. For this reason, it might happen that some or all the athletes who will get at T3 on Km 29,5 won’t be allowed to arrive at the finish line at Carosello 3000, but they will be diverted to the finish line in Plaza Placheda, Via Sarroch 1098. 23030 – Livigno.

Exit from T1:
2 hours and 15 minutes (7:15 am)

Stelvio Pass:
11 hours (4:00 pm)

Exit from T2:
14 hours (07:00 pm)

12.5 Km (close to the first aid station):
15 hours 45 minutes (8:45 pm)

Exit from T3:
16 hours (09:00 pm)

All athletes who will pass in T3 after the cut-off time at 09:00 pm, but not later than 11:30 pm, will have the possibility to finish their own full distance race at the high of 1815 metres up until 1:00 am in Plaza Placheda, Via Sarroch 1098. 23030 – Livigno

In case of withdrawal, the support volunteers will have to promptly notify the organization at the phone number that will be provided during the briefing.